What is the advantage of interdisciplinary work of CARISSMA?

Standard facilities in security centres located at the site of suppliers and manufacturers are laid-out for serial development and protection. Their concepts are planned and realized as individual systems. These are based either on the pure Active or Passive Safety Systems. Networked vehicle safety systems like those which will be used in CARISSMA are unique because they cover not only a broader spectrum but are also not primary focused on the commercial aspect.

The human – whether he is bicyclist, moped rider or pedestrian – is at the core of the research. From our point of view it is even more important to ensure the security of the weakest participants in traffic. In this sense, CARISSMA is offering a new and a reverse perspective as the current methods in the field of vehicle safety research. Latter focus rather on the car driver and the technology of the cars (respectively their further development) with respect to road safety.   

“The individual is at the heart of our activities” with this vision CARISSMA is vanguard, doing research interdisciplinary and with an international charisma.“ 

What exactly does CARISSMA?

CARISSMA pursues an interdisciplinary approach. It covers various segments/sub-disciplines of Engineering (vehicle mechatronics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering etc.) and connects those in the future with other scientific disciplines, among others traffic psychology, traffic pedagogy, traffic economy etc.

The core area of the CARISSMA research and our main expertise lies in the area of vehicle safety research. The cooperation with other sub-disciplines helps us to get the greater picture of this deeply complex topic and enables us furthermore to analyse the situation from different angles.  

 „Vision Zero“ is our connecting and interdisciplinary element.

Our technical objective is the realization of a „Global Safety System “that reproduces the human senses: to see, to hear, to taste, and to communicate using the bionic principles. 


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