Aim of the THI Talent Promotion

The task of talent promotion is to support exceptionally talented and socially committed students through idealistic and financial support and to actively encourage them in their personal development. Every year, the best students of each course of study are invited to join a talentpool, which gives them the opportunity to network with each other and participate in exclusive events. Outstanding students who demonstrate not only good academic performance but also social and community commitment also have the opportunity to apply for the university's own support programme, THI Talent.


Offers of the THI Talent Promotion

THI Talent

The exclusive talent program THI Talent promotes the development of personality and career network.


A scholarship should help with networking and provide financial support.

Award Winners

Recognition of outstanding achievements during and after studies.

Databases, Blogs & Useful

Basic information about scholarships


Promotion of particularly high-performing and committed pupils.

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