Scholarships with application at THI

Germany Scholarship

The scholarship distributes 300 Euro per month to excellent students


For reference books and other teaching materials

Scholarships for woman who wish to gain a doctorate

The LaKoF (State Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunities Representatives at Bavarian Universities) is offering two scholarships for women aimed at graduates of universities of applied sciences who wish to pursue doctoral studies:
the qualification scholarship, to acquire the formal prerequisites to embark on doctoral studies, and the doctoral scholarship for women taking a doctorate. The deadline for applications is 1 February each year.

General information on doctoral studies at THI is available from the Graduate Centre at the ZAF (Research Centre).

Research scholarships

The THI provides free use of the ELFI Funding Database (Förderdatenbank ELFI ) for the benefit of employees and students looking for a comprehensive search opportunity for funding programmes. A guide including information on how to use the database is available on the information page of the library. Should you have any questions, please contact the Research and EU Office  Forschungs- und EU-Referat.


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