Life and Studies

How many students attend a lecture?

Depends on the programme: From 15 to 50.



How long in advance should I arrive in Ingolstadt?

It depends on you. We suggest to arrive before the semester/term starts, so that you can find your way round and get to know the city.


What kind of clothes do I have to bring with me for winter or is it better to buy them in Germany?

Winter temperature can reach -15 degree Celsius. Sometimes, we have snow here in Ingolstadt. Warm clothes and shoes are required for winter, but you also can buy them here. Please read more about weather in Bavaria under: Wather and Climate.


Mobility and public transport

How can I get around in Ingolstadt?

It is easy to get around by bike. You can buy second-hand bikes in a good condition at one of the bike flea markets:


Does THI offer any pick up services from the airport for international students?

Unfortunately, there is no private pick up service organized by THI. There is a Shuttleservice (Airport Express) provided by the local traffic service. It arrives near the university at Nordbahnhof (train station North).


Which German airport is nearest to Ingolstadt?

The closest choices are Munich or Nürnberg Airport. 


Health issues/physician system in Germany

I got sick, what should I do?

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The first step is to go to a general practitioner (GP) (in German: Allgemeinarzt / Hausarzt). There is a wide range of GPs in Ingolstadt. If you need a specialist, your GP will refer you to one.

If you need a dentist (in German: Zahnarzt), choose one from this list.

Alternatively, you can always ask your health insurance company which doctor you should go to.


What should I do in a medical emergency?

For real medical emergencies you should go to the emergency room of the local hospital:

Notfallklinik - Klinikum Ingolstadt GmbH: Krumenauerstraße 25, 85049 Ingolstadt

If you need an ambulance, call 112. This number is valid for all EU-countries.


I need medicine urgently, where can I get it?

In Germany, you get medicine from dispensing chemists/pharmacies (Apotheke), visible by a large red A. These should not be confused with drugstores (Drogerie), where you can buy toiletries. There are two types of medication: freely-available drugs and prescription only medicine, which requires a "Rezept" (prescription) from a doctor. 

Chemists don´t usually have unlimited opening hours, but they take it in turns to open at night.. You find the open ones in this list: Notdienstapotheken.

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