Application for masters:
Graduates who have completed their apprenticeship with a master’s certificate can apply for a study place after they have passed a counseling interview at Ingolstadt University. Masters can apply afterwards for all our Bachelor’s degree programs. The average grade for admission to study takes into account the arithmetic mean of the master’s examination grades.  

Application for qualified professionals without master‘s certificate:
Graduates who have successfully completed at least 2 years of apprenticeship and have worked at least 3 years in a specific field related to our courses of study (e.g. a completed apprenticeship as a vehicle Mechatroniker for the Bachelor’s degree program “Mechatronics”) will qualify to study at our university after they have passed a counseling interview. 
Studying at Ingolstadt University requires an entrance exam which takes into account the personal qualifications, previous knowledge, intellectual capacity and motivation of applicants. The examination procedure is laid down in the Ingolstadt University Statute of June 2010. 
However qualified professionals should be aware of the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree. In order to appreciate your qualification grade for studying at Ingolstadt University, please see the sample tests of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Business Administration in the download area located at the top-right of this page. You can find the admission requirements for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science pointing to FOS/BOS graduation examinations on the homepage of the Ministry’s Representative for vocational high-schools and technical colleges in Northern Bavaria under 

Ingolstadt University laid out in its Statute a pre-rate of 3% study places for masters and qualified professionals. Please see University Statute for Admission to Study. Ingolstadt University will inform applicants in time about the date, nature and scope of the counseling interview and the entrance examination.   


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