Area of Expertise: Human Resources & Organisation

We see Human Resources as an important partner in business with an overarching function employing innovative tools and services while lending support to other related business units within the greater commercial organisation.

This area of expertise is aimed at the development of personnel, organisational design and further factors guaranteeing success for growing and evolving businesses. Such growth can be achieved through the holistic management of competence as well as through the targeted design of new personnel instruments, organisational development tactics, or any number of transformative processes within HR. This high level of Human Resources & Organisational Management innovation is directed not only at the internal structure of the company as a whole, but also has significant application in the development of the HR departments themselves.

Social skills and leadership are the two main areas of focus within HR and organisation development, and needless to say these vital skills are thoroughly examined and cultivated in this area of expertise. The guiding principle: “HR competence to create value”.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Doyé
Human Resources and Organisation Development
Prof. Dr. Oliver Hackl
Retail Marketing, Human Resources and Organisational Management
Prof. Dr. Alfred Quenzler
International Human Resources and Organisation Management
Prof. Dr. Silke Wolfenstetter
Digital Health Management and Company Organisation