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Bachelor application from abroad

Here you can find additional information which is relevant if you apply from abroad

  • For all not admission-limited courses,  registration in the portal of Hochschulstart is not necessary, as the admission procedure will be carried-out by the university itself through PRIMUSS portal.
  • The admission procedure for all admission-limited courses will be carried-out through Hochschulstart. Applicants for these courses please use our Checklist. For the Checklist for bachelor applicants from Germany please switch the language to German, for the Checklist for Bachelor applicants from abroad please go on our page for Bachelor applicants from abroad.

Application via the portals

  • English language programmes are marked EN, German & English programmes are marked DE/EN, all others are German only. Please find information on Proof of Language Skills for your application here.
  • Details on requirements for each course are available in the SPO/statutes that you will find as individual links on each course website. 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and

Information Technology


Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (EN)x  x
Biomedical Engineeringx  x
Electrical Engineering and Electric Mobilityx  x
Electrical Engineering and Information Technologyx


Roboticsx  x

Faculty of  Computer Science

Computational Life Sciencesx  x
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (EN)xx x
Cybersecurity (DE/EN)xx x
Aircraft and Vehicle Informaticsx  x
Computer Sciencexx x
Artificial Intelligencex  x
User Experience Designxx x
Business Information Systemx  x

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Biomechanicsx  x
Energy Systems and Renewable Energiesx xx
Energy Systems and Renewable Energies (EN)xx x
Automotive Engineeringx  x
Engineering Sciencesx  x
Aerospace Engineeringx  x
Mechanical Engineeringx  x

Faculty of Engneering and Management

Data Science in Engineering and Managementx  x
Engineering and Management (EN)xx x
Technical Designx  x
Engineering and Businessx xx

THI Business School

Business Administraionx xx
Digital Businessxx x
Global Economics and Business Management (DE/EN)x  x
International Management (DE/EN)x  x
Life Science Managementx  x
Media Psychology and Digital Businessxx x
Retail Management & Consumer Experiencex  x

Campus Neuburg

Sustainable Civil Engineeringx  x

Sustainability and Environmental Management

x  x
Sustainable Civil Engineering (EN)xx x
Industrial Engineering - Constructionx  x

Important facts for all bachelor applicants

What do I have to do when I did not yet receive my higher secondary school certificate?

Applicants who did not yet receive their higher secondary school certificate have to give us information on that in the questions-part in the application portal of the THI. They will then have the  possibility to upload the higher secondary school certificate until 27th of July (for applications for the winter term). The application itself nevertheless has to be sent until the end of the application period, otherwise taking part the admission procedure unfortunately is not possible.

When applying for the summer term the higher secondary school certificate has to be uploaded until the end of the application period.

Applicants from abroad have to get their higher secondary school certificates recongnised, all necessary information on that can be found on our page for applicants from abroadBachelor application from abroad.

Do I have to submit certified copies of my documents and send them via post?

The application process completely runs online.

Therefore it is sufficient to scan your documents and upload them in the application portal.

It is not necessary to send documents by post.

However, Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences reserves the right to request the above-mentioned documents additionally as officially certified copies.

Which grade do I need to get a place in my favourite study course?

The minimum grade for admission is not fixed before the admission process (coordination phase) took part. You can have a look on the grades which where necessary for admission in the last years on our page regarding admission and enrollment.

I missed the application period, what can I do?

When you missed the application period you can not take part the regular admission process (coordination phase).

In case there are still vacancies at the end of the coordination phase and you did not get admission during the coordination phase you can sign up for the coordinated moving-up procedure at Hochschulstart.

The preconditions for admission have to be met nevertheless, so please take note of the additional information we provide for applicants from abroad.

Facts for specific applicants

Pre-study internship

The pre-study internship is an internship which has to be absolved prior to enrollment and/or in the semester breaks until the begin of the 4th semester. The contents of the internship have to match the study course one applies for, and one can absolve it in a company of one's choice.

Further information on the study courses where an pre-study internship is necessary and the specific contents can be fount at pre-study internship.

Studying "dual" (with a company)

All information can be found at studying dual.

Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

Here you can download the questionnaire for the aptitude test.

More information can be found in our infosheet regarding aptitude test for the study course Autonomous Vehicle Engineering.


What is going to happen after the end of the application process?

For information on that please take a look on our page Admission and Enrollment.

Contact for application issues

E-Mail: application@thi.de

Info phone:

+49 (0) 841/9348-1370

Mo till Thur 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Fr 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

during semester break:

Mo till Thur 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Fr 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Information and advice in person

Campus Ingolstadt

Mo - Thur 11 am - 1 pm

ServicePoint Studium, great hall, room A006
Differing opening hours (pdf)

Campus Neuburg

Tue 11 am - 1 pm

ServicePoint Studium, Building Z, room ZN001
Differing opening hours (pdf)


Postal address:
Postfach 21 04 54, 85019 Ingolstadt 

Visitor's adress:
Esplanade 10, 85049 Ingolstadt