Semester ticket for city buses

INVG, the local public transport company, offers reductions for annual bus tickets in the city and outskirts. The prices depend on your daily routes. Please be aware that students will have to order a new ticket each semester!
Booking is possible online, you may then fetch your ticket in Kundencenter Ingolstadt, Mauthstraße 4, 85049 Ingolstadt.

Parking near campus

For some parking lots close to the THI campus, reduced monthly tickets are available for students. There is, however, a restricted quota, and the only parking with some spaces left at the moment (autumn 2017) is Festplatz, all others have lists. Tickets are aon sale at IFG Parkleitzentrale in Wagnerwirtsgasse 2, 85049 Ingolstadt.

Park & Ride: Parkplatz Festplatz, Tiefgarage Reduit Tilly and Parkhaus Nordbahnhof are eligible for free bus transfer to the city. „Parking ticket“ = „Bus ticket“means that up to 5 people can travel on the follwing routes:

Parkhaus Nordbahnof: Free bus to Rathausplatz and back 

Parkplatz Festplatz: Free bus to Rathausplatz and back

Tiefgarage Reduit Tilly: Free bus to Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof (ZOB) and back

Please note: Because of THI's inner city location, there are very few free or open parking spaces available. We strongly recommend that you come by publc transport or by bike! Find bus stops "Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt" right outside our buildings at Esplanade or take the 5 min. walk from ZOB.