Step 4: Financing




Erasmus+ and the Brexit on 31.01.2020

After BREXIT, mobility to the UK will remain eligible until 31 March 2023. This means that internships and study visits completed by this date can be fully funded.

You can find all the background documents on the European Commission's Brexit website.

DAAD website on Brexit

Target group

Funding of student mobility (study semester and internship) as well as staff and lecturer exchange

Host country

Partner university or host company is situated in an EU member state or else in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Rumania or Turkey.

Country group I (Funding: from WS 22/23 600,-€/month)

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden

Country group II (Funding: from WS 22/23 540,-€/month)

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, , Spain,

Country group III (Funding: from WS 22/23 490,-€/month)

Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia (FYROM), Poland, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, The Czech Republic, Turkey

Country group IV Erasmus international (Funding: from WS 22/23 700,€/month)

Until SS 2023: Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco

From WS 2023/2024: India, Japan, Morocco, Peru

Country group V (Funding: up to and including WS 22/23 450,€/month) - funding from the Project 2020/2021 

United Kingdom 


Top ups for exchange semesters from Summer Semester 2022 onwards

150,€/month    for interships

250,€/month   for disabled students with a GdB of at least 20, for students with a child and for students with "fewer opportunities" (see Grant Agreement).

50,€/once        for "Green travel" (e.g. bus, train)


Funded activities

Long-term mobility

  •  2 to 12 months study period abroad
  •  2 to 12 months internship abroad
  •  2 days to 6 weeks for staff and lecturer mobility

Please note that the period of financial support may contain zero-grant days without financial support.


Short-term mobility (only for PhD-Students)

Stays (study or internship) up to 30 days:

  • Funding day 1- 14: 70,€
  • Funding day 15- 30: 50,€


Application deadlines

Study abroad

A separate application is not required for the Erasmus+ grant. IO will contact you by email asking you to fill in and submit particular documents.

Internship abroad

Ongoing, before the beginning of an internship.

See the download section for further information on Erasmus+ funding. 

You will find useful information related to study and internships abroad in Europe on the DAAD website.

Necessary Documents

Study abroad

You have to carry out the following activities and to hand in the following documents before you leave Germany:

  • LA incl. your signature as well as the lecturers’ – if needed – and the faculty coordinator’s signature (should be handed in at the IO ServicePoint as soon as possible as it needs to be signed by the host university before your semester abroad starts. Before submitting your LA to the Service Point please upload onto your Mobility Online account.
  • Grant Agreement (fill in, sign, upload onto your Mobility Online account, and hand in the original at the IO ServicePoint)
  • Participation in Intercultural Training (ICT) Part l & ll. ICT is run by the Language Centre. The Language Centre posts the dates in Moodle. You can also register for the individual dates there. The IKTs take place in the semester directly before your stay abroad.
  • Accomplish first OLS Language Test in the host university’s teaching language (if required, you will receive an invitation from the IO)

Once you have handed in all documents and after the LA has been signed by the host university, you will receive 70% of your ERASMUS+ scholarship. 30% will be transferred to your account as soon as you have accomplished the following tasks after your return to Germany:

  • Hand in signed Letter of Confirmation (LoC – see download section; this certificate may not be issued by the host university more than one week before your departure) at the IO ServicePoint & upload LoC to your Mobility Online account
  • Upload report (word document) in move 
  • Participation in ICT Part III, which is offered at the beginning of the semester following your stay abroad. If you are in an internship at that time, you are not required to take Part III.
  • Second OLS Language Test in the host university’s teaching language
  • Fill in the Erasmus participant report - you will receive an invitation to fill in the report by email.

All documents have to be handed in at the IO ServicePoint/uploaded to Mobility Online four weeks after the official end of your semester abroad at the latest!


Internship abroad

You must submit the following documents or complete the following activities before the start of your internship:

  1. Learning Agreement for Traineeships "Before the Mobility"
  2. Certificate of enrolment from THI (current semester)
  3. Primuss Internship registration (screen shot)
  4. If applicable, proof of intercultural training (participation in Intercultural Training Part I and II. Intercultural Training is conducted by the Language Centre. The Language Centre posts the dates in Moodle. You can also register for the individual dates there. The ICTs take place every semester. Alternatively, you can become a buddy for international students at the THI before or after your stay. You can find more information here: Buddy-Programme)
  • Submit the Grant Agreement for Traineeships with original signature to the International Office or at the Service Point or by post.
  • Passing the language test (after applying, you will receive a separate email with the link to the EU's online language tool)

Be aware: It is not possible to apply for ERASMUS+ after you have started your internship abroad! No exceptions possible!

In order to receive the second instalment after your internship abroad, you have to hand in the following documents:

  • Erasmus Traineeship Certificate (LA “After the mobility”) and/or internship certificate have to be uploaded in Mobility Online
  • Fill in the Erasmus Participant Report. An Invitation to do so will be sent to you by email


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Further information about spending a semester or internship abroad with ERASMUS+

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