Advantages of dual studies in general

  • Intensive practical relevance / professional experience: You will get to know your company comprehensively and will be optimally integrated into the operational structures, working methods and project procedures.

  • Acquisition of important key qualifications: By combining scientific teaching with professional practical experience, you can acquire a high degree of professional and social competence.

  • Theory-practice transfer: You can apply your theoretical knowledge directly in practice and thus benefit from a higher learning effect.

  • Financial support: You enjoy financial security thanks to continuous remuneration and save yourself the expense of outside jobs during your studies.

  • Particularly for compound studies (combination of vocational training and studies): acquisition of two educational degrees (university studies + vocational training) and a shorter overall training period (time savings of up to three years possible!)

  • Establishment of a professional contact network: Already during your studies you will establish a valuable network of professional contacts.

  • Excellent career opportunities and development prospects: around 80% of dual students are subsequently taken on by the company


Advantages especially at THI

  • Wide range of dual study programmes: You can choose from a large number of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, because almost all THI's study programmes can also be studied in a dual system.
  • Strong economic region: You can choose from over 100 dual partner companies - from small and medium-sized enterprises to global players.
  • Counselling & Services: You complete a full university degree and can therefore take advantage of the same offers as normal students (e.g. semester abroad, student counselling, career service, workshops, language and IT courses, etc.).
  • Modern buildings and equipment: The THI campus was expanded in 2015 to include new buildings with numerous lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories (e.g. Virtual Reality Lab). In addition, our Digital Learning Lab and our 2000 m2library are at your disposal as a coworking space.
  • Central location in the heart of the city: THI is located directly adjacent to the historic Old Town of Ingolstadt. Numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs invite you to go out and relax. The green belt of the city, the so-called "Glacis", as well as the Danube with the Klenzepark and the popular Donaustrand are also close to the campus.
  • Student life: Whether it's the beginning of the semester party, grill & chill, or stock exchange party - there's always something on offer at THI! In addition, there is a large selection of student clubs and a wide range of university sports.