Certificate "Entrepreneurship und Unternehmertum"

Within our certificate programme students of the THI and doctoral candidates of the ZAF (Research Centre) can take courses in entrepreneurship to receive a basic or an advanced certificate. Our basic certificate consists of two entrepreneurial basic modules. The advanced certificate adds a more applied module in the context of entrepreneurship (further information will be found in the module handbook).

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The Center of Entrepreneurship (CoE) at THI Business School is the competence center of the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) for entrepreneurial training programs and entrepreneurship research. By bundling all activities of the various courses of study, we promote a culture that encourages start-ups throughout the university and throughout the region.The key objectives of the CoE are the promotion of the technology transfer as well as the support of competitive start-ups at THI through:

  • the development or entrepreneurial expertise as a success factor for competitive start-ups in all target groups (students, graduates and academics)
  • the promotion of contacts within the start-up network and the encouragement of start-ups
  • support for start-up entrepreneurs in acquiring capital as part of sponsorship programs

Activities and support

Start-up support activities are sustainably anchored within the university by sensitizing all target groups for the topics of entrepreneurship and offering a broad level of support for each entrepreneurial activity in all faculties and courses.

Through the CoE and the other programs offered by the university, start-up entrepreneurs will receive comprehensive training to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The CoE establishes contacts between the start-up scene and the economy. Besides the transfer of technology, this exchange between research and practice also anchors and promotes start-up in the region. Furthermore the CoE offers assistance in procuring capital for start-ups.

Current areas of research

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Business Design Innovation

Entrepreneurship programs at THI

Team Center of Entrepreneurship

Prof. Dr. oec. HSG Martin Bader
Director Center of Entrepreneurship
Marcus Reszat, M. A.
Managing Director Center of Entrepreneurship
Peter Boruth, M.Sc.
Entrepreneurship Manager Faculty EI
Dr. Stefanie Wrobel
Entrepreneurship Manager Faculty M
Sandro Kurpiers, M.Sc.
Entrepreneurship Manager Business School
Dr. Andrea Funk
Entrepreneurship Manager Business School
Verena Dirr
Programme Manager "Entrepreneurship" IAW

Contact at THI Business School

Business Start-Up Mentor THI Business School
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Christian Stummeyer
Phone : +49 841 9348-3444
Room : F210
E-Mail :
Dean of Education
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Robert G. Wittmann
Phone : +49 841 9348-3900
Room : F224
E-Mail :
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Michael Jünger
Phone : +49 841 9348-4120
Room : F214
E-Mail :

Contact at Faculty Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Business Start-Up Mentor Faculty EI
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Hof
Phone : +49 841 9348-2526
Room : B205
E-Mail :

Contact at Faculty Mechanical Engineering

Business Start-Up Mentor Faculty M
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Gerd Schwandner
Phone : +49 841 9348-6030
Room : A104
E-Mail :

Contact at Research Centre

Scientific Director of the Center of Applied Research (Zentrum für Angewandte Forschung) - ZAF
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christian Facchi
Phone : +49 841 9348-7410
Room : P207
E-Mail :

Contact Executive Education

Business Start-Up Mentor IAW
Florian Lohrentz
Phone : +49 841 9348-1470
Room : I103
E-Mail :

Contact funding programs EXIST/FLÜGGE

EU- and Research departement
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Duft
Phone : +49 841 9348-6140
Room : P203
E-Mail :