UNICEF-University Group

UNICEF Ingolstadt University Group has existed since 2010 and actively supports the work of UNICEF in Ingolstadt and the surrounding area. We organise fundraising and information work for UNICEF and campaign for children's rights.
We are looking for students who put their time, energy and talents at the service of children, because UNICEF thrives on the commitment of volunteers.

Get involved with the rights of children, protect them from violence and abuse and help to give them a perspective. We are happy about everyone who supports us in our work and wants to become a part of UNICEF. You can contribute as much time and energy as you like.

Simply write an email to the adjacent email address and you will receive information about current projects or upcoming meetings at the university.


If you are interested in our work and social projects, just get in touch:

E-Mail: unicef@thi.de