Goals and idea

In a multidisciplinary team, the focus is on the development of real-time software applications for aircraft and automobiles as well as the practical application of the teaching content in the development of certification-relevant avionics components in aircraft.

Laboratory G211

Laboratory equipment and activities

Equipment and function

Prototyping of flight control systems, mission systems and operating concepts with different sensor configurations:

  • Flight simulator with 5 channel outside view
  • Test of prototypical operating concepts, e.g. touch screen, gesture control, physical strain
  • Simulation data for testing the developed avionics components
  • Networking capability with live telemetry data from the aircraft

Unmanned aircraft as a flexible platform for application development:

  • Multi-rotor, fixed-wing and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft for payloads up to 1.5kg and flight times up to 40min at v=25m/s
  • Automated departure of a predefined flight route
  • Autonomous reaction to sensor data
  • Mission systems for the deployment of the aircraft
  • Live transmission of video images and telemetry data to the ground
  • Mobile ground station for operation and flight control
  • Connection and fusion of different environmental sensors (optical camera, thermal imaging camera, LIDAR, 3D camera, sonar)

Manned aircraft with LBA flight certification:

  • Conversion of the THI motor glider to an electric aircraft
  • Practical application of the course content in the development of avionics components in aircraft relevant to certification
  • Prototyping of the user interface and displays with the test pilot
  • Working in multidisciplinary teams
  • Conception of the hardware and software of the user interface
  • Planning and documentation of the development steps
  • Implementation of the approval regulations for the software used in the battery management system (BMS) and for the safety-relevant displays
  • Verification and test of the components
  • Preparation of the certification documents for the German Federal Aviation Authority

In addition to the usual supervision of bachelor and master theses, the laboratory offers a wide range of internships in the field of aviation and aircraft electronics:

  • Course-accompanying simulator internship
  • Flight training with live telemetry and data recording
  • Evaluation of the flight dynamics during the course

The conversion of a motor glider to the "THI E-Falken" with electric drive will keep us busy for some time to come.

Flight tests with quadrocopters

Laboratory management and team

Prof. Dr. Andreas Frey
Programme director and academic advisor Aircraft and Vehicle Informatics (B. Sc.)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Frey
Phone: +49 841 9348-2330
Room: B005