Area of Expertise: Finance, Controlling & Taxation

Finance, Controlling and Taxation is a field dedicated to the development of innovative approaches in the achievement of real business objectives.  Students will employ number-oriented, scientifically practical methods with applications in all phases of commercial growth. Finance, Controlling and Taxation trains graduates in dealing with the external requirements companies face (e.g. financial statements and tax returns), as well as internal control measures (e.g. controlling and cost accounting), and facing critical business decisions (e.g. investment and financial matters, holding procedures, legal strategies). This dynamic area of expertise is rooted in social responsibility, understanding the principles of sustainable and value-oriented economic management while, at the same time, recognizing economic and legal realities.


Prof. Dr. Jörg Clostermann
Economics, quantitative methods and financial market analysis
Prof. Dr. Torsten Graap
Socio-economics and accounting
Prof. Dr. Mandy Habermann
International Accounting and Finance
Prof. Dr. Markus Jordan
External Accounting and Business Tax
Prof. Dr. Monika Ruschinski
Economics and International Markets
Prof. Dr. Karin Schmidt
Business Management, Accounting and Controlling
Prof. Dr. Walter Schober
Business Management, Accounting and Controlling
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Zellner
Accounting and International Tax Law