Step 1: View the range of courses and information about the courses

Please note: The most of our Bachelor's programmes are taught in German and therefor B2 is a prerequisite for admission. Above all, the language requirement is a first selection criterion for you, so check this column first in the overview.

All of our Bachelor's programs can be found on one page, sorted by faculties (sub-areas). On the course pages you will always find the same scheme, that you can compare well with.

On the course page:

- Rough comparison: Have a look at the graphical course plan.
- Structure, requirements or focus: In the column on the right of the page you will find answers in the SPO.
- Exact content of the course and individual subjects: Consult the module handbook in the column on the right.
- Authentic insights into the studies: At the top of the right-hand column you will find a link to the study ambassadors (THI students) for each degree program.
- Technical questions about the degree program: Answered by the academic advisor (left in the column)

Overview of our Bachelor's degrees

Step 2: Browse FAQs

Our FAQs offer you quick answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

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Step 3: Get personal insights

If you find one or more THI courses interesting, then visit one of our events to get an impression. We regularly offer live and online events for study information.

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Our student ambassadors are also present at most events. However, these provide online insights into our studies and can be contacted as well.

Contact our Study Ambassadors

Step 3: Any more questions?

If you have any individual questions, we are happy to help. 

For questions regarding the specific content of a study programme, please contact the course advisor of the respective study programme. You can find the contact on the respective study programme page

You could not find any answers yet? Please write us your request



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