Alisha Schmidt

Study Ambassador Global Economics and Business Management

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Why did you choose this degree programme?

  •  I like the international aspect of it (80% in English; you have to learn a new foreign language and choose a world region).
  • I really wanted to learn Chinese
  • Very small course groups (approx. 40 students)
  • quieter & more familiar atmosphere than e.g. LMU

What character traits or professional strengths should you bring to the programme?

  • Very good English skills
  • Interest in business and economics
  • Love for internationality

What do you like best about THI?

Quiet, familiar atmosphere, social lecturers who support you, and the THI building.

What is your personal insider tip for student life at THI?

"Work smarter not harder" - start studying early, but do it right so you can party longer.

What careers can you pursue after graduation?

  • Sales Management
  • Controlling & HR positions in all companies
  • Job opportunities in international companies and trade unions