Timo Weese

Study Ambassador Cyber Security

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Why did you choose this degree programme?

I have already been working in cyber security since 2020, and since the cyber security degree programme at THI started for the first time in the same year as the completion of my education, the decision was rather obvious. A pure computer science degree would also have been an option, but since it was already clear to me at that point that I wanted to continue working in the security field in the future, the more specialised degree programme was the more logical choice.

How did you find out about the degree programme?

My colleagues told me about the degree programme and I got all the other information from former THI students, the website for the degree programme and an information event.

What are the contents of your studies?

The cyber security degree programme teaches all the technical skills needed to protect IT systems and data from all kinds of attacks - both theoretically and practically. To this end, students also acquire the necessary basics in mathematics, computer science, cryptography and IT law.

Your tip for study orientation?

On the one hand, it's important to choose a degree programme that you're really interested in and that fits the role you want to work in after graduation.
On the other hand, you should honestly really think about which topics you are interested in, to what extent they are part of the degree programme and then evaluate exactly whether you are up for the challenge.