Laura Kröhn

Study Ambassador

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Why did you choose this degree programme? 

The modules convinced me. As well as the opportunity to participate in an international project and the practical relevance of the lectures.

How did you inform yourself? 

First of all, I looked for a university because the group sizes are usually smaller there. 
At the THI itself, I looked at the different Master's programmes, skimmed through the module handbooks and took part in information events. 

What are the contents of the programme? 

  • Technical understanding, dealing with / requirements of suppliers, measurability and processes
  • Negotiation techniques and contract management, supply chain management, sustainability
  • Strategic Procurement Management, Cost & Value Engineering

What has been your best experience during your studies so far? 

The projects with industry partners are super interesting. In my case, I was allowed to participate in a case study competition at Continental.