Roll out SRe23 - the tenth race car of the Schanzer Racing Team

Schanzer Racing Team presented the new vehicle for the 2023 electric racing season.

Jan Underberg and Nicole Scholz roll out SRe23. (Source: THI)

SRe23, number ten in a row constructed by Schanzer Racing Electric Teams. (Source: THI)

Every year, the student association Schanzer Racing Electric develops, designs and builds a battery-powered, purely electric racing car with a team of around 60 students from various degree programmes, with which the team successfully competes in national and international competitions. This year's model, "SRe23", was ceremoniously unveiled on Friday, 26 May at the brigk digital start-up centre.

In January, the qualification phase for the racing events began. The Schanzer Racing Team qualified for seven of the eight races. However, for capacity reasons, especially during the exam period, an event selection had to be made. The choice fell on Formula Student Germany, Formula Student Austria and Formula Student Alpe Adria. The constructed vehicle will thus be able to prove itself on well-known race tracks in Germany (Hockenheim), Austria (Spielberg) and in Croatia (Novi Marof) in the summer.

The SRe23 is the result of over a year of hard work by a wide variety of people and professions. The moderator duo Jan Underberg, CEO & Team Captain, and Nicole Scholz, CFO, presented the work on SRe23. This year's active team consists of 85 THI students from 33 different fields of study, who organise themselves independently into so-called units, just like in a company. For example, students only take care of the design and construction of the chassis, there are specialists for high and low voltage as well as for software programming and business administration.

During the development of the SRe23, a focus was placed on improved driver integration into the vehicle and drivability. In addition, weight was saved in some areas through in-house development and the cooling circuit for the battery was improved. As a result, the vehicle currently has a total weight of 215 kg and reaches a speed of 110 km/h.

With the SRe23, Schanzer Racing presented the tenth electric vehicle in the history of the student racing team. Two of the club's founders and former THI alumni were also invited on stage for the occasion. Bastian Lanzl and Ferdinand Ort humorously outlined the beginning and some anecdotes of the first hours of the club. Both praised: A lot had happened since the first model, the "First Lady". They were proud of what had become of their "baby". All ten vehicles were on display during the event and could be viewed.

Currently, the Schanzer Racing Electric Team is ranked 47th in the world, making it the second best team among Bavarian colleges and universities. The ceremonial unveiling of the SRe23 marked the start of further seasonal goals on the international race tracks in the summer, where the team has set itself the goal of moving even further to the top.


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