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How retail companies can better interpret visitor flows

How do customers move around in stores and when do they buy something? Anna Ulrichshofer and Prof. Dr. Michael Jungbluth from THI Business School used… more

UN symposium: How companies can best tap the creative potential of their employees

Developing and pushing innovative ideas, also when management doesn't encourage them or is even opposed to them - employees, especially in large… more

Guest lecturers from the USA and South Africa teach at THI Business School

Prof. Dr. Martin Bader from THI Business School has attracted international reinforcement for the Master Entrepreneurship and Digital Business, M.… more

Forbes magazine lists Prof. Schuhmacher's research group as one of the most important in the world

How much do the multi-billion dollar research budgets of pharmaceutical companies really contribute to the development of new drugs? This question is… more

Prof. Stummeyer gives guest lecture at Indonesian university

Prof. Dr. Christian Stummeyer, Professor of Business Informatics and Digital Commerce at THI Business School, gave a guest lecture on "Seven Success… more