THISuccessAI Updates

Tag der digitalen Lehre 2022

The THISuccessAI project was presented to a wider university public for the first time as part of the Digital Teaching Day on May 18, 2022. The event was held in collaboration with the Competence Center for Digital Teaching and Learning (KdL²).

In Track 1, Prof. Katherine Roegner, Vice President for Teaching and Students, gave interesting insights into the modularization of teaching content for individualized blended learning concepts. In the workshop format, lecturers were able to design digital learning content themselves and reflect on implementation options. The insights and suggestions of the participants will be incorporated into the project.

In the same track, a workshop on dashboards was conducted under the leadership of Prof. Sebastian Apel. After illustrating the use of dashboards to support the learning process of students, there was enough time to exchange ideas regarding the further development of the learning platform.

Parallel to the afternoon workshops, students were addressed as key users of the learning platform: In the context of an Open Science Café (#Track 3), the students were able to conduct learning style tests, get to know the dashboard and engage in conversation with representatives of the Didactics and Technology groups. Encouragingly, they contributed with many valuable ideas and suggestions on current issues facing THISuccessAI, which were captured in the form of a graphic recording.

We look forward to repeating the event and getting many new ideas and suggestions next year!

THISuccessAI is a strategic project that applies artificial intelligence in university teaching with the aim of promoting the individual learning of each student in the best possible way.