Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uwe Holzhammer

Director ForTraNN Sustainability Research and Transfer

Subject Area: Energy Systems Technology


and transfer areas

  • System analyses and sustainable development
  • Regional impact of the energy transition
  • Coupling of the electricity, heat and mobility sectors (e.g. heat pump, electromobility and power to cool)
  • System efficiency: efficiency and flexibility in industry
  • Role of electrical and thermal flexibility in the energy supply system
  • Flexibilisation of electricity and heat generation using CHP technology, especially biogas, biomethane and other renewable gases as energy sources
  • Marketing renewable electricity (spot market, balancing power markets, heat market and new markets for grid congestion management)
  • Smart market: intelligent energy markets taking grid aspects into account
  • Security of supply and resilience through holistic planning and operational approaches


Management of research and transfer projects at the THI

  • Optisys - Optimal share and system contribution of bioenergy in coupled electricity and CHP systems in Germany, FKZ: 03KB129B
  • BlueMilk - Cascaded and flexible use of thermal energy in dairy processing plants (focus: Power to Cool, flexible CHP use, CIP cleaning systems), FKZ: 281A103616
  • SmartBio - Biogas plants as players in the smart market - raising additional revenue potential, FKZ: 22405116
  • EnReg - Regionalising the Energy Turnaround, sub-project in the Sustainable Development Cluster in the Man on the Move (MIB) project, FKZ: 03IHS109A
  • EnMob - Energiewende und Mobilität, sub-project in the Sustainable Development Cluster in the People on the Move (MIB) project, FKZ: 03IHS109A
  • EOM Plus - Analysis of the short and medium-term effects of market-based congestion instruments as a regional and temporary supplement to the existing energy-only market design, FKZ: 03EI1012A
  • Man on the Move (MIB): Scientific management of the THI Sustainable Development Cluster of the joint project of the Innovation Alliance THI and KU Eichstädt-Ingolstadt funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the "Innovative University" funding initiative, FKZ: 03IHS109A


Research Assistants


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