New all-wheel roller test stand at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

All-wheel chassis dynamometer in the laboratory

All-wheel roller test stand from Bapro

Demonstration of the new roller dynamometer in the laboratory of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Demonstration of the new chassis dynamometer with a 5-series BMW

The engine and vehicle technology laboratory has been upgraded and has received a four-wheel roller dynamometer from Bapro. This will be used, for example, for practical courses in the automotive engineering course and for research purposes. Vehicle tests can be carried out in different driving situations - corresponding to road traffic - such as constant speed, driving uphill or accelerating. Important vehicle characteristics such as tractive force, efficiency, energy consumption and others can be determined. Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with a total weight of up to 5 t are permitted to use the new test rig. The first tests have been successful and Professor Huber and his laboratory team are looking forward to further use of the new facility.

The technical data of the test bench:

  •     Maximum speed: up to 360 km/h
  •     Max. power that can be absorbed: 1,300 hp
  •     Max. Tractive force: 16,000N
  •     Axle load: 2,5t per axle