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[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Tobias Eggendorfer

Welcome, Prof. Eggendorfer!

We warmly welcome a new colleague to the faculty: Prof. Dr. Tobias Eggendorfer. He takes over the professorship for cybersecurity and security of… more
Innovative technology in the Tesla (Photo: THI).

Proof of concept successful: The THI tests quantum key exchange in vehicle

At the CARISSMA Institute C-ECOS of the Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI), together with the company Quantum Optics Jena, a quantum key… more
[Translate to English:] Gruppenbild CLS Studis und Profs an Uni Ulm

Computational Life Sciences meet Genomics

As part of a traditional end of semester trip, students from different semesters of the Computational Life Sciences (CLS) program visited the Institut… more

Prof. Ingrid Stahl visits TEU in Krakow, Poland

THI meets TEU (Tischner European University) in Krakow more
Sofia Heurich (5th from left) convinced the jury with her logo (top right) (Photo: THI).

A new identity: design awarded

THI student Sofia Heurich prevailed with her logo for Quartier G - alte Gießerei against 53 fellow students from the User Experience Design course.… more
[Translate to English:] Student Henri Bredt mit Tim Cook

User Experience Student Henri Bredt gewinnt Apple Swift Student Challenge

Henri Bredt, a 6th semester User Experience Design student, was one of 375 students worldwide to win Apple's Swift Student Challenge Award this year.… more
[Translate to English:] Prof. Sebastian Apel bekommt den Preis für gute Lehre 2023

Congratulations on receiving the Award for Good Teaching, Prof. Sebastian Apel!

Sebastian Apel, Professor of Programming and Software Engineering at the Faculty of Computer Science at THI, was awarded the "Award for Good Teaching"… more


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