Junior research group is funded for the first time at THI

Funding of young scientists in the context of the announcement "BattFutur"

Research to determine the aging of battery cells: (from right) Technology Field Manager Dr. Meinert Lewerenz, PhD students Pablo Morales Torricos and Sascha Speer.

The research group ELS (Electromobility and Learning Systems) can be happy: The grant notice for the junior research group I-BasE (Innovative Battery Test Strategies for the Energy System Transformation) under the leadership of Dr. Meinert Lewerenz, Technology Field Leader at the Institute for Innovative Mobility has arrived. "This is a great success for our group and shows that we are at the forefront of research.", says Dr. Meinert Lewerenz. In addition to the group leadership, four PhD students will be funded over a total of 5 years. Preparations are in full swing and the first job postings are already online. The project has a total volume of 2.2 million euros and will start on Jan. 1, 2022.

The young scientists will be funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the "BattFutur" announcement. The aim of the research group is to develop new industry-relevant test strategies for lithium-ion cells in an interdisciplinary and international team, taking into account reversible capacity effects and additional effects due to the acceleration of aging tests. At the same time, leading a junior research group is particularly helpful for appointability as a professor.

The industrial sponsors Keysight, MAHLE and Battery Dynamics are involved in the project with know-how, test equipment and battery cells.


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