Automated driving with the Hansen family

The transfer project "Man in Motion" of the THI and the KU has published the children's book "The Steps of Automated Driving" in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Andreas Riener, research professor at CARISSMA, Franziska Hegner, research assistant at CARISSMA, and the illustrator Helmut "Dino" Breneis.

Impulse generator and author Franziska Hegner with the book "Stufen des automatisierten Fahrens" (Photo: THI).

Impulse generator and author Franziska Hegner with the book "The Steps of Automated Driving" (Photo: THI).

On a sunny Saturday morning, the protagonists of the book, the Hansen family, go on a trip to the forest. Along the way, their car, which can change shape and color at will, introduces them to the different stages of automated driving: The journey begins with an automated vehicle of the 1990s and ends with a fully automated car of the future.

With this child-friendly and colorfully illustrated booklet, "Man in Motion" presents an important aspect of the development of mobility in an easy-to-understand way. Mensch in Bewegung" is a cooperation between Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI) and the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU), which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the "Innovative University" funding initiative.

With the innovation alliance "People on the Move", the THI and the KU have created a platform to work together on solving the pressing issues of our time. To address the challenges, employees and researchers from both universities are developing new forms of collaboration between science and society. Good framework conditions, tailor-made offers as well as open and flexible spaces serve to follow and actively shape the transformation. The booklet "The Stages of Automated Driving" was also created in this context. It is intended to specifically inform young readers about the mobility of tomorrow and will also be distributed at the stand of the Ingolstadt Mobility Region at this year's IAA. Andreas Riener, research professor at the CARISSMA Institute for Automated Driving at the THI and head of the mobility cluster in the transfer project "Mensch in Bewegung", was responsible for the scientific conception of the booklet. Further information on "Mensch in Bewegung" can be found at:


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