Darina Oumanski

Darina Oumanski is managing director and shareholder of Never Alone Games UG. Her company focuses on consulting and development of projects and start-ups in the e-sports and gaming industry.
Darina started her career as a team leader at Media-Saturn Holding in 2009 after successfully completing the dual degree program "International Retail Management" at THI Business School. Early on, she discovered a penchant for sales and organization beyond retail. Over the past 9 years, she has worked as a sales manager and business developer for companies such as SteelSeries, Denon, Beats by Dre and DHL Express.

In 2017 Darina founded "Never Alone Games" to combine her passion for entrepreneurship and esports. Her worldwide clients include companies like ZDF, Kinguin, Subnation, Xplayn.com and more.