THISuccessAI Updates

Hochschulinformationstag 2023

The THI-SuccessAI project was presented at the THI University Information Day, on March 25, 2023, with an interactive booth and an entertaining and vivid presentation.

Information booth

At the booth in the auditorium of the university, prospective students could look forward to exciting insights into the project. There was opportunity to take a look at our brand-new image film and to try out the Learning Nuggets ("digital learning units") directly on site. We were particularly glad to receive feedback from the visitors. All the time, project staff from the "Technology", "Didactics" and "Transfer" groups were on site to offer advice and support.


In addition, the visitors were able to attend to the informative lecture "Studying with AI" by Vice President and Project Manager Prof. Hans-Joachim Hof. The focus was on the benefits of the new learning platform:

In several pilot modules, it will be possible for future students to use AI-supported learning paths for the best individual learning experience possible. 

Academic success will thus be ensured regardless of prior knowledge, background, and socioeconomics.

Students will receive individual support in the pilot modules:

They can benefit both locally, at the university, from the small groups, the personal approach and the social exchange, as well as digitally from the help provided by the AI-supported learning platform - in the form of individual learning paths, personalized learning nuggets, interaction with the chatbot and the overview of the learning status through the dashboard.

We thank the prospective students for an insightful day at THI. 

THISuccessAI is a strategic project that applies artificial intelligence in university teaching with the aim of promoting the individual learning of each student in the best possible way.