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Hackathon 2022

[Translate to English:] Eine Gruppe Studierender präsentiert ihre Ergebnisse des Workshops an der Pinnwand.

A very special event took place on November 11, 2022 which was part of the university interdisciplinary future offensive : The THISuccessAI project organized a hackathon with the theme "Design your future of learning at THI".

Prof. Katherine Roegner, Vice President for Teaching and Students, introduced the project. Afterwards, Philipp Söchtig, Instructional Designer, explained the actual task of the day to the students.

Under the guidance of Prof. Sebastian Apel and Prof. Hans-Michael Windisch, the extremely motivated students worked in teams on the problematic of the Dashboard Challenge.

To explain: The dashboard plays a central role as part of the project's learning platform. On the one hand, it visualizes the personal learning status of each student individually, and on the other hand, the lecturers will be able to track the learning progress of the course participants.

Therefore, it was exciting to find out how a dashboard should be designed from the students' point of view, in order to map and improve their personal learning progress the best way possible.

For one day, the three teams competed for the best concepts and ideas. In the finals, the best pitches were evaluated by a jury of university representatives from various disciplines. Representing this panel, Prof. Daniel Großmann, Vice President for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, selected the winners.

The event was worthwhile for both sides:

The students were able to contribute with their creative ideas and the project team can now evaluate and implement them to further develop the learning platform.

The students also wanted to continue their involvement in the project beyond the event. The first of further regular exchange meetings, within the framework of Student Expert Circles, will take place on December 15, 2022.

THISuccessAI is a strategic project that applies artificial intelligence in university teaching with the aim of promoting the individual learning of each student in the best possible way.