THI research marketing receives award in Berlin

Ceremonial awarding of the DFG prize "International Research Marketing

[Translate to English:] Georg Overbeck, Leiter der Abteilung FORTEC der THI, posiert mit Preis.

[Translate to English:] Georg Overbeck, Leiter der Abteilung FORTEC der THI, nahm den Preis in Berlin entgegen. (Foto: THI)

The world is undergoing profound change. Artificial intelligence (AI) is permeating science and society alike. Nationally and internationally, the same questions preoccupy us: Are humans adapting more and more to AI or is AI adapting to humans?

The research marketing project is helping to answer these major questions of the future. stands for "AI bridging science and technology": around 30 German and Brazilian universities, including Technische Hochschue Ingolstadt, companies and intermediary institutions have networked for this purpose within the framework of an international AI Science Week, which took place in November 2021 and also involved the general public. convinced the jurors of the "International Research Marketing" ideas competition of the German Research Foundation (DFG). Now the official award ceremony took place in Berlin. Georg Overbeck, head of the FORTEC department at THI, and SAFIR coordinator, Camila Heller, accepted the prize at the dbb forum berlin.

Award ceremony in Berlin

" combines mission-oriented innovation, socially relevant research and international cooperation in an exemplary way. We are delighted that this holistic approach to AI and mobility has been honoured with the DFG Prize for International Research Marketing," says Prof. Dr. Walter Schober, President of THI.

In view of this success, the network partners are striving for further international AI Science Weeks and a continuation of The focus on AI as a solution to major societal challenges in an international context is a constant or constant factor.

"We want to set new accents and build a bridge between science and society with annually changing thematic and geographical focuses," says Georg Overbeck. After mobility was the focus of AI activities in the first year of the project, sustainable infrastructure or life sciences are possible focal points for future science weeks. Other geographical focal points and international partnerships are to gradually expand the hitherto purely German-Brazilian network along the lines of the internationalisation strategy.

The International Research Marketing Ideas Competition is part of the "Research in Germany" initiative. The initiative presents Germany as a location for research and innovation worldwide and creates a forum for international exchange and cooperation. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research initiated "Research in Germany" in 2006 and is providing funding for the current project phase. The initiative is implemented jointly by the German Academic Exchange Service, the DFG, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the DLR project management organisation.