With the following equipment, we can provide services and project participation for your specific challenges.


Battery test environments

  • Temperature/climate chambers suitable for lithium-ion batterie
    • 5x 115L Binder
    • 1x 110L ATT
    • 1x 340L ATT
    • 18m³ test cell (from end of 2021)
  • Single cell tester
    • Arbin LBT cycler (16 channels, 5V, 60A/channel-parallelizable)
    • Arbin LBT cycler (32 channels, 5V, 5A/channel parallelizable)
    • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
      • Zahner Zennium pro (3A/5V)
      • Gamry 5000 E multiplexer (5A/5V)
  • Module tester
    • Chroma cycler (4 channels, 60V, 62.5A/channel-parallelizable)
    • Module cycler (1 channel, 80V, 125A; measurement of I, U, T at cell level)
  • Pack tester
    • AC/DC power emulator Chroma (300V/45kW 3-phase)
    • DC test environment: Digatron (2-CH, 1000V, 80kW/channel parallelizable)
    • Process thermostat IN 530 TW Lauda
  • Battery management system
    • Comemso Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) 36CH, 5V, 5A
  • Control and logging systems
    • dSpace 600 CH control and measurement system
    • 2x8 CH digital I/O
    • Hioki data logger

Production and testing technology for electric motors and internal combustion engines

  • Needle winder for the production of windings of electrical machine
    • Research platform for automated trajectory planning in needle winding
    • Identification unit for automated characterisation of the wire tension behaviour of round copper wire on winding tools and deflection roller
    • FLIR Machine Vision industrial cameras for monitoring winding tests
  • Electric machine test bench for algorithms for control and technical diagnosis
    • Asynchronous machine with 11kW
    • Synchronous machine with 11kW
    • Industrial inverter with speed/torque control
    • Didactic converter for the implementation of algorithms developed in-house 
  • 4 electric mobility test benches, each equipped with
    • Asynchronous three-phase motor with 550 W
    • Direct current machine with 500 W
    • LEYBOLD universal inverter with 3x230V
    • Braking resistors
    • Real-time control system
  • End of Line test set-up for partial discharge detection on electric machines
  • End of Line test set-up for combustion engines
    • Asynchronous machine with 7.2 kW
    • Internal combustion engine with 4 kW
    • Synchronous machine with 14.5 kW

Software and workstations

  • High-performance computers for adaptive systems in different application areas (including 2 workstations with 2 x Intel Xeon 6242 16-core processors and 512GB DDR4 RAM each as well as NVIDIA Quadro P4000 or P5000 graphics card
  • Software for modelling, simulation, control, measurement (Matlab Simulink, fastSUITE, ANSYS, CATIA etc.)

General laboratory equipment

  • Oeder cargo crane (500 kg lifting capacity)
  • dSpace MicroLabBox - Compact prototyping unit
  • Analogue and digital measuring cards
  • Vapour phase soldering unit - ASSCON VP310
  • Oscilloscope Teledyne Lecroy HDO4024A - 200MHz, 4 Channel, 10Gs/, 12-bit HD
  • Power analyser - ZES Zimmer LMG671
  • Electronically controlled load
  • FLIR IR camera
  • Acceleration sensors
  • Torque sensors
  • Current sensor
  • Various soldering stations incl. SMD
  • Various laboratory power supplies


Lab engineer
Andreas Frey
Phone: +49 841 9348-4150
Room: S421