French courses at THI

The THI Language Center offers language and intercultural electives for enrolled students of THI. Depending on your degree program, you can take these subjects as electives with ECTS credit or as free electives with a university certificate. To find out which subjects you can choose for your degree program, please contact the responsible program director directly.

In principle, you can take all subjects of the Language Center, even if a module is not offered as an elective subject for your degree program. If you are interested, you can enroll in a subject after consulting the Language Center, in case that there are still places available.

The course offerings for German as a foreign language include:

  •         Course-related compulsory and elective subjects with ECTS credits
    •         General compulsory/elective subjects
    •         Electives for language and social competence
  •         Free electives that can be taken by all THI students (university certificate)

Please refer to the pdf for the course outline.

For information on course objectives and content, please refer to the Module Handbook of the Language Center.

DELF preparatory course

The THI Language Centre is more than happy to support you in preparing for the Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (DELF).

  • DELF preparatory Course

Internationally recognised language certificates such as the DELF examination can only be gained by passing a test taken at a licensed test centre.

THI language certificates

The THI Language Centre offers a number of courses for THI students as certificate courses. When students pass the examination at the end of the THI course, they are issued with a THI higher education certificate.
THI students will find details of the THI certificate courses in the Language Centre Module Guide on Moodle.


Lecturer for Business and Technical English and Intercultural Communication
Anja Reicherstorfer
Phone: +49 841 9348-3610
Room: P004


THI students who want to get an appointment please visit Moodle.