Chinese language courses at THI

The range of courses for Chinese includes:

1. Compulsory and elective courses with ECTS credits

  • General compulsory/elective subjects
  • Electives on language and social skills

2. Free electives that can be taken by all THI students (with a university certificate)

Course overviews can be found in the pdf.

For information on the course objectives and contents, please refer to the Module Handbook of the Language Center.

THI Language Certificates

The THI Language Center offers a number of certificate courses for THI students of all degree programs. Upon passing the exam, students receive a THI university certificate for the THI course. THI students can find the THI certificate courses in the module handbook of the Language Center on Moodle.


Lecturer for Chinese Language and Culture, Managing Director Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt
Jing Chen
Phone: +49 841 9348-2090
Room: P006


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