Welcome, Prof. Dr. Christian Sturm!

Welcoming of Prof. Christian Sturm by dean Thomas Grauschopf

Today we welcome our new colleague and Prof.Dr. Christian Sturm to the Faculty of Computer Science and THI.

Prof. Dr. Sturm will be working in the teaching area of "Human Factors and Usability Engineering", especially in the User Experience Design Bachelor and Master programmes. Before his current start at THI, Christian Sturm was Professor of Interdisciplinary Computer Science at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, established various study programmes and headed the study programme "Computational Visualistics and Design".

His thematic focus is on Human Experience Research & Design, Cross-Cultural Interactions, Entrepreneurship and Customer Insights.

He gained experience in business at Hewlett Packard, the founding of two start-ups and as an independent consultant. Prof. Sturm also travels extensively internationally, with experience particularly in Central and South America, Egypt and South Africa. He has also been co-organiser of the annual workshop "Human-Computer Interaction Across Borders" at the ACM CHI conference since 2017.

Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science and THI. We look forward to working with you!