Research Group – Microelectronics Packaging

Sri Krishna Bhogaraju, research assistant.

Sri Krishna Bhogaraju, research assistant.

The research group ‚Microelectronics Packaging‘ lead by Prof. Dr. Elger has been actively developing and evaluating copper sintering as potential alternative for high temperature electronics packaging applications which is today dominated by transient liquid phase bonding, high temperature solders and/or silver sintering. A novel low-cost approach has been developed by etching zinc from brass alloy powders to realize nanostructured surface modifications, thereby enhancing sinterability of the particles.

Promising results have been presented at various conferences in 2019, including at the IMAPS Conference – Germany, where the ‘Best Presentation Award’ acknowledged the work. With increased interest from various industry partners concerning the novelty of the work presented, we look forward to an exciting year ahead in 2020 with active industrial collaborations.




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