CoE receives 1.1 million euros for entrepreneurship training with a focus on digitalization

The CoE receives € 1.1 million from the Bavarian State Government for the expansion of the entrepreneurship education with a focus on digitalization at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI). With the resulting strengthening of the entrepreneurship education, all students should be given the opportunity to qualify themselves in context of entrepreneurship during their time at THI.
The new entrepreneurship education concept provides modules within all study courses. In these modules, start-up knowledge is taught, so that the students can acquire entrepreneurship certificates in addition to the regular course offer. Various extracurricular activities supplement the course curriculum as well as the establishment of an entrepreneurship lab, in which student founders can work on innovative questions in context of digitalization and can develop solutions prototypically. As an "open space", the laboratory is intended to offer the freedom to work out creative ideas.