Transfer Profile

Transfer is a high priority at THI. In the triad of research, teaching and transfer, this topic is firmly anchored in the university's self-image. Transfer takes place in various fields of activity and encompasses a wide range of activities.


Transfer and Networking Projects

The topic of transfer is also central to some research and network projects. For example, the aim of the innovation alliance "Mensch in Bewegung" is to strengthen the exchange of knowledge (transfer) between science, politics, business and civil society.

Transfer activities and impact

Transfer is divided into different areas and activities. In addition to the classic division into technology and knowledge transfer, these also include outreach activities, such as the use of the university's infrastructure by citizens, engagement or advisory services. The university offers all these transfer activities in different areas.



Vice president of the THI
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Suchandt
Phone: +49 841 9348-3710
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Dr. Marion Kühn
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