Goals and idea

In particular, the following topics are focused:

  • Training of students in the field of engine technology:

     - Efficiency calculation of components and the overall process
     - Differentiation of heat transport processes and their targeted influencing
     - Design of airfoils

  • Modification of fuel nozzles based on industrial technologies 4.0

     - Component optimization through numerical flow simulation (CFD) on the digital twin
     - Production of a first test sample by means of additive manufacturing (3D printing)
     - Characterization of the burning behaviour with neuronal measurement analysis

  • Use of alternative fuels in aircraft engines

     - Analysis of the start and full load operation by means of optical observation and exhaust emission testing

    View into the laboratory

    Equipment and function

    Thermal test bench

    Optically accessible pressure chamber with burner head module consisting of air and fuel supply, mixing unit and ignition device. The energy of the exhaust gas is used in a car exhaust gas turbocharger to raise the pressure of the supply air in a radial compressor. With the test bench control system, the thermal output as well as the combustion control can be variably adjusted with continuous temperature and pressure monitoring.

    Exhaust gas analysis

    To characterize combustion quality, the concentration of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the combustion exhaust gas is measured.

    Radial compressor with temperature and pressure measurement at inlet and outlet cross section

    This enables the recording of the compressor map with additional speed measurement.

    Two workstations with installed CAD and CFD software

    for simulation of the flow in the mixing unit as well as the flow stabilization after the burner outlet

    • Practical courses accompanying the lecture Turbomachinery
    • Execution of final theses (Bachelor & Master)
    • Workspace and subject of various study projects
    • Industrial Projects
    • Special events: e.g. university information day, freshman introductory event


    • Further development of the thermal test bench
    • Exhaust gas energy recovery (waste heat recovery)

         - thermoelectric generator: integration of Peltier elements in the exhaust system
         - phase-electric generator: integration of a low-temperature steam turbine process in the exhaust gas system

    Laboratory management

    Programme director and Academic advisor Aerospace Engineering (Bachelor)
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Armin Soika
    Phone: +49 841 9348-4700
    Room: A228