Caution when using the Citavi Cloud

Your data could be lost

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You may have already noticed, the literature management software Citavi is now cloud-enabled at THI. However, care should be taken when using the Citavi cloud. Your projects in the cloud are tied to your university account. Once you leave the university or are exmatriculated, your Citavi account expires along with your access to Citavi 6 and your own projects in the cloud.

What can you do about it?

If possible, always make sure to store your projects not only in the Citavi cloud, but always store them locally as well.

Before you leave the university, you have the option to convert your projects to the older project format for Citavi 5. You can still use this software version without an account.

Data protection notice

You should also be careful when storing sensitive research data in cloud projects. Citavi does not run its own server and uses the Microsoft Azure server. This means that explicit access to the projects is not 100 percent secure. If in doubt, better put the data on a backed up drive.

Citavi – Self-Study Course

The library offers a Citavi self-study course online in Moodle.