Battery ageing is due to physic chemical degradation of it’s components, it is heavily influenced by operational parameters and determines both safety…

800V Systems have significant advantages for charging times and e.g. reduction of cross sections of the conductor. Influences of 800V inverter and…

Lithium-ion batteries are in widespread use for driving the power train of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. The state of health (SoH) of these…

The lecture will first briefly review options being practiced/considered for sustainable mobility. This will be followed by looking at hydrogen fuel…

The proposed lecture would first present the various dimensions of energy management of Hybrid Electric Vehicles such as traffic, terrain, weather,…

The high voltage battery (HVB) is a core component in today’s modern electric- and hybrid vehicles, and safety is a top priority and design concern.…

Engineering solutions for HV storage systems need to fulfill high expectations for realization of an efficient, sustainable electromobility. New cell…


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