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Here you can go to the online-portal of uni-assist to apply for the VPD

PRIMUSS-application portal THI

Here you can apply and have a look on your application progress

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Master courses

Here you can find a list of all offered Master courses.

Overview Master application from abroad

In case you need more detailed information please take a look on the

Step-by-Step guide for master application(.pdf)

General information relevant for all applicants can be found on our page master application.

FAQs regarding uni-assist

We recommend to apply as early as possible. You can apply for the VPD at uni-assist before the application period at the University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt starts. Please plan to have received your VPD until the end of the appliecation period of our university at the very latest.

Usually uni-assist needs 4 to 6 weeks to work on received requests (complete ones, including payment). Uni-assist informs on current processing times (dependant on region) on their page regarding deadlines and processing time.

  • copy of bachelor degree certificate including complete transcipt of records and diploma supplement (the latter if available)
  • copy of current transcript of records in case studies are not completed yet (important: the transcript has to be up-to-date, otherwise audit can be rejected)
  • CV (illustration of education - school career)
  • Copy of personal ID or passport
  • Proof of a name change (e.g. copy of the marriage certificate) if the proof of education is not issued in the current name
  • APS certificate (in case the Bachelor Degree was absolved in China, Mongolia, or Vietnam)

You can also find information on the necessary documents on the homepage of uni assist at application documents, as well as information on certification and, if necessary, translation.

Proof of language knowledge does NOT have to be sent to uni-assist.

Please search for our university on the page of uni-assist without specifying the study course you're interested in. Then two possibilities will be provided: "Bachelor - all subjects" or "Master - all subjects"

Please select the possibility you want to apply for.

The study course you're interested in can be choosen in the PRIMUSS-application portal of the THI.

When requesting the VPD, you need to transfer the fees to uni-assist (table of charges uni-assist). The audit fee for certificates is 75 Euro at the moment, any additional application at another university currently costs 30 Eur (changes of course are possible).

Please note that your application cannot be processed if you did not yet transfer the fee (payment options uni-assist). We recommend to submit a copy of the account statement or a transfer voucher with your documents.

To be able to reuse your VPD the following cirteria must be met:

  1. the VPD was issued after choosing a "Master-check" for Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
  2. the VPD is no older than one year

FAQs regarding application in PRIMUSS-portal

A short overview can be found in the picture above.

In detail you need to take the following steps:

  1. Register in PRIMUSS application portal (link can be found above)
  2. fill questions
  3. add study course(s)
  4. upload demanded documents (including VPD)
  5. send application online

It is not necessary to send documents by post.

However, Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences reserves the right to request an officially certified copy of the documents.


Only applicants with a Bachelor’s course equivalent to a German study course with 210 ECTS can access the Master courses of the THI.

With a Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to 180 ECTS admission to the Master courses of the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt is not possible.

However the regulations of the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt provide the possibility of compensating the missing competences through working experience after graduating. The duration of the working experience must be at least 20 weeks (an das already mentioned after graduating from the Bachelor). Please upload proof of your working experience in the upload area of the PRIMUSS-application portal. The necessary information working certificates have to display to enable the transfer of credits is listed in the PRIMUSS-application portal. As soon as the status of the document turns to „OK“ we checked on it and your working experience is sufficient.

 The following courses require an aptitude test:

  1. Applied Research in Engineering Sciences, German-taught (see § 6 SPO AR)
  2. Automated Driving and Vehicle Safety, German-taught (see § 4 SPO AUF)
  3. Automotive and Mobility Management, German-taught (see § 4 SPO AM for students starting in summer term 2020)
  4. Automotive Production Engineering (see § 4 SPO APE)
  5. International Automotive Engineering (see § 4 SPO IAE)
  6. Marketing, Sales and Media, German-taught (see § 5 SPO MV)
  7. Renewable Energy Systems (see § 4 SPO RES)
  8. Retail and Consumer Management (see § 4 SPO RCM)
  9. User Experience Design (see §4 SPO UXM)
  10. Entrepreneurship and Digital Business (siehe §4 SPO EDB)

Some of the study and examination regulations unfortunately only are available in German.

Except from the German-taught Master course Applied Research in Engineering Science all the aptitude tests are tests where applicants don't have to appear in person. They have to upload documents proving their experience in the core area of the Master course in the PRIMUSS-application portal. More information on the necessary documents etc. can be found in the PRIMUSS-application portal.

Applicants from abroad who apply for a german-taught course have to submit proof of sufficient German skills, level B2.

Proof of the passed exam has to be submitted until enrollment at the latest. A list of tests which will be accepted can be found here.

Applicants from abroad who apply for an english-taught course have to submit proof of sufficient German knowledge until the end of the first semester at the latest. Only the Goethe-Zertifikat A1 of the Goethe-Institut or an equivalent test will be recognized.

Proof of language knowledge has to be uploaded when applying online at the THI, you do NOT have to sent it to uni-assist.

For the following courses proof of English knowledge is necessary:

For english-taught courses proof of English language knowledge level B2 is necessary. In the area General statutes of our legal department you can find the document "Anerkannte Englischtests B2" where all the recognized English tests are listed. This document unfortunately only exists on the German page, so you have switch the language to German in order to see it.

Proof of language knowledge does NOT have to sent it to uni-assist.

Yes. Changes in the upload-area as well as in the application-progress area in the PRIMUSS-application portal will be displayed instantly after an employee of the university checked on your application.

Letters of admission will be shown in the area "application progress" of the PRIMUSS-application portal. Information on when to expect admission and how to process enrollment can be found on our page admission and enrollment.

What is going to happen after the end of the application process?

Information on what is going to happen after the end of the application process can be found on our page Admission and Enrollment.

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Contact for application issues


Info phone: +49 (0) 841/9348-1370
Mo till Fr 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

From Oct. 4, 2021:
Mo till Thur 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Fr 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Information and advice in person

Campus Ingolstadt

ServicePoint Studium, great hall, room A006
Mon till Thur 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Campus Neuburg

ServicePoint Studium, Building Max IV. Josef, 1st floor

Tue and Thur 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Differing opening hours (pdf)

Postal address:
Postfach 21 04 54, 85019 Ingolstadt 

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