To use the IT-Services of the THI, you need an user account for your authentication. You receive this at the beginning of your studies or employment.


For beginners: The self-learning course Introduction to IT Systems can be found here!
If you have not found your Login Data, please login as guest.

Every member of THI get an ID-Card. With this card you can open doors, pay fees or pay your meal in the Mensa.


Every member of THI has an mail account. For configuration on your device please use exchange.

User: your mailaddress
Password: "your university password"

Access to web interface: Webmail


University members can use the following Wi-Fi connections:

  • eduroam
    With eduroam you have access to the Internet.

More information can be found here:


new Configuration vaild from 23.04.2019

With an VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can connect to the THI-Network from outside.


The printer infrastructure of the THI includes a FollowMe-Printing-System with Konica Minolta multifunction devices, laserprinter in the PC-Pools and an everyonePrint-System.

The FollowMe-System consists of:

  • KM-STUD-sw
    black printouts
  • KM-STUD-color
    color printouts

For printing on private devices pleas use the Webprint:


In the study portal PRIMUSS you can see and check your personal information saved in the THI for example your certificates and grades.

Study Portal Primuss

Moodle is the e-learning-Plattform from the THI. There you can find the documents and informations which you need for your studies such as scripts or documents for your lectures or common informations about your study courses or from the central departments.

e-learning-Plattform Moodle

Students have the opportunity to access online to their timetable.
If you want to see your timetable via the THI app, you must first compile and save your personal timetable over the online timetable!


The THI app shows daily, weekly and monthly the personal timetable for the students. Students receive changes to courses as messages. Lecturers will be listed with their university-specific contact details and available rooms. You will also receive an overview of the registrations for examinations of the current semester and their details (examiner, form of examination). Furthermore, the menu of the refectory is available.

App at the Apple Store

App at the Playstore

Please note that older Android versions <= 4.4 do not have the necessary certificate to communicate with the data server for the THI app. Therefore, it must be installed manually.

The instructions can be found here.

For filetransfer inside THI-Network you can use:

\\rz-fs\datentausch bzw. P-Laufwerk

For filetransfer outside THI-Network you can use Gigamove.
It's an cloud service of TH Aachen. For login use the THI credentials. With this service you can share files to persons with no THI credentials.

Member of THI can use Adobe Connect for webconferences for free. You can share documents and use an phone dial up. For login use the button "Anmeldung über DFN-AAI" with your THI credentials.

On the support system you can see your service request to the IT-Support.

Support System



Support by e-mail

Tel. +49 841 9348 3200

Latest informations

For the start our Self-Learning Course

For beginners: The self-learning course Introduction to IT Systems can be found here!