Master Entrepreneurship and Digital Business started successfully

Prof. Huber and students sitting an stairs outside raising their hands.

Is this where the next Mark Zuckerberg sits? Prof. Dr. Florian Huber (center left) with some freshmen from the Master Entrepreneurship and Digital Business. Picture: THI

"Great EDB class with a great kick-off - whishing you all the most success with your entrepreneurial endeavors and realization of your dreams!" With these words, Prof. Dr. Martin Bader summarizes the successful start of the Masters degree program Entrepreneurship and Digital Business (EDB) at THI Business School, which was introduced in the winter semester 21/22. Prof. Bader is the director of the new program, which is taught predominantly in English. 20 students have enrolled. During the introductory week, the first-year students already started with their entrepreneurship projects or got to know the campus by a GeoCaching challenge.