Erlangen-Nuremberg Student Service is responsible for the provision of benefits according to the German Federal Law on Education and Training Grants (“Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz” – “BAföG”).

For more information, please contact:

Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg (Erlangen-Nuremberg Student Service)
Amt für Ausbildungsförderung (Office for Education and Training Grants)
Hofmannstr. 27, D-91052 Erlangen 
Phone: +49 9131 8917-0 

The Student Service provides regularly individual counseling in the premises of Ingolstadt University. The precise dates will be notified by the Office of Student Affairs.

Educational fund

In order to obtain funding from an educational fund, it is necessary to go through an application procedure, which varies according to the provider. However, in return, those applicants who successfully obtain funding agree to repay a percentage of their future gross salary over a certain period. Repayment only commences after successfully taking up employment.

Further details are available from

Student loans

Another method of financing the general living costs of a period of study is to take out a student loan. Student loans take the form of monthly payments, aimed primarily at securing the student's living costs.

One such possibility is the KfW student loan, which provides support ranging from a minimum of 100 EUR to a maximum of 650 EUR per month – without loan collateral and irrespective of income or assets. Information is available at KFW.

For students who are meanwhile at an advanced stage of their studies, there is the Federal government education loan programme. More information on education loans is available from the Federal Administration Office (Bundesverwaltungsamt).

Further information on other student loans is available from


Housing benefit

Under certain conditions, low-income households can receive a housing allowance as a state benefit to help cover rent costs. Applications for housing benefit are made at the local housing benefit office (Wohngeldstelle). 

Information of the City of Ingolstadt is available from the housing benefit office.

Funding for periods abroad

There are many funding possibilities available for students in search of financial support for a period abroad. Information is available at the Internation Office.

Loans to assist in financial hardship

The E.W. Kuhlmann Foundation was founded by Edith and Edmund Kuhlmann in Hamburg. The couple provide support for people in financial hardship and who are in education or retraining or are establishing a start-up.

The Kuhlmann Foundation awards the following repayable loans:
Rolling scholarship (Rollendes Stipendium)
Study completion assistance (Studienabschlusshilfe)


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