THI staff

In addition to our students, our services are also available to scientific and non-scientific staff.

We will be hapy to support you in your daily work by providing you with the possibilities of information retrieval and procurement. Would you like to know how to use Google in your professional life and what  the library with its information infrastructure has to offer? Arrange an appointment with us for you or your team.

Reseach Centre (ZAF) and CARISSMA

As an employee at the Research Centre (ZAF) or CARISSMA, it is important to know the information infrastructure of the university.

The library supports you in finding and obtaining literature for your project. We are also your competent partner for other questions concerning the topic of scientific work.

All ZAF or CARISSMA employees can attend a 90-minute information session. Please make an appointment with Dr. Elvira Tscharntke, Graduate Centre.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to make appointments on individual issues. Please contact us with three suggested dates and your topic via our contact form.


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