Current Research Technology Transfer & International Projects

Project StartProject LeaderBudget (€)Project
2021Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner517.223Sustainable Energy Education Districts for Informal Settlements (SEED)
2020Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner588.686Renewable Energy-based E-Mobility in Higher Education (REMO)
2020Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schrag89.954,92EffNet - With Blended Learning to efficient district heating networks in rural areas
2020Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wildfried Zörner
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schrag
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Goldbrunner

LEnZ - Rural Energy Supply of the Future
Project website:

2020Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner20.000Mobility for Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies (MIRET)
2019Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner119.825UAE Kenya II - Network of Excellence for Universities of Applied Science
Project website:
2019Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner672.339Pathway to Renewable Off-Grid Community Energy for Development (PROCEED)
2017Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner184.230

UAS Kenya I- Network development and qualification measures based on the model of the German universities of applied sciences in Kenya
Project website:

2017Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Goldbrunner1.151.890

Innovationszentrum Biogas 4.0
Project website:

2016Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schrag

Kompetenzzentrum Wärme & Wohnen
Project website:

2016Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner400.000Academic Initiative for Renewables (AIR)
Project website:
2015Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Schrag166.000Kompetenzzentrum Plusenergiegebäude
Project website:
2014Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner1.171.299

Network of Energy Excellence for Development (NEED)
Project website:

2011Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Zörner848.822Regeneratives Energienetzwerk Region Ingolstadt (RegIN+)


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