Institute of Innovative Mobility (IIMo)

The fields of work and research of the Institute of Innovative Mobility meet exactly the mission statement of TH Ingolstadt. Its aim is to become the leading mobility university in Germany. The prosperity of our society and our economic power go hand in hand with a steady increase in mobility. This is why the Institute is researching mobility solutions for tomorrow.

The professors work with their scientific employees in well-equipped laboratories on application-oriented research topics, which are predominantly carried out in cooperation with large to medium-sized industrial partners as well as with research institutions and partner universities.

Research areas

To ensure mobility in the future, drive systems and energy consumers for road vehicles will be optimized in terms of energy efficiency and customer benefit. To be considered: Combustion and electric motors, power electronics, powertrains, energy storage systems, fuels, electrical consumers, energy networks and their interaction. In addition to innovative functional developments and operating strategies, the topics of networked mobility, industry 4.0 and Smart City are increasingly being incorporated into the projects.

Aufbau und Verbindungstechnik
Power Electronics

The institute deals with tasks in the field of automotive energy technology. To this aim professors from different fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering have joined forces. As the list of participating professors shows, the competencies range from the system level to the component level. In this way, the main fields of work are covered, from the complete vehicle with driving dynamics, vehicle physics, lightweight construction and thermal management to the subsystems drive train and electrical energy networks for high and low voltage to the individual components internal combustion engine, transmission, electrical machines, power electronics, energy storage and the numerous electrical consumers. The institute is thus in a position to take on various tasks in the field of classic motor vehicles as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

Head of Institute

Head of the Institute for Innovative Mobility (IIMo) Research Professorship E-Mobility and Learning Systems
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Endisch
Phone: +49 841 9348-5171
Room: A116
Head of Research Group Microelectronics Packaging
Prof. Dr. Gordon Elger
Phone: +49 841 9348-2840
Room: A114

Further professors

Prof. Dr. Johannes Pforr
Phone: +49 841 9348-3810
Room: B109