Our professors inspired at the On Campus Festival

Prof. Dr. Matthias Eckert treats the campus bear; Photo: THI

Prof. Dr. Eckert inspires young visitors, Photo: THI

Lightpainting Show with Prof. Dr. Christian Pfitzner, Photo: THI

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt held a unique campus festival for young and old on 24.06.2022 and professors from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology were of course also there.

An unusual consultation hour with a surprise at the end awaited numerous children. Under the motto "Oh dear, Bear's leg hurts", the little visitors were allowed to help Professor Matthias Eckert treat the campus bear THIlo. In an entertaining way, he succeeded in exciting many children's eyes and explaining in a child-friendly way how artificial intelligence is already being used today in patient diagnostics.

The use of digital technologies has become an indispensable part of health care. A live link to the operating theatre at Ingolstadt Klinikum (hospital) was also part of the day's long programme. Professor Steffen Lehner, together with Prof. Klaus Hafenrichter and Prof. Silke Wolfenstetter, showed how much technology is used for a treatment by means of a live transmission from Ingolstadt Klinikum to Thomas Kleemann (Head of IT at the hospital).

Students from the faculty were also able to fascinate the audience with medical technology. In their semester project with Professor Georg Passig, each Bio-Electrical Engineering student realised a small measuring device. The device measures and displays the activity of the heart, the pulse and the oxygen saturation. In a short lecture, students demonstrated the device. They explained the function and how they developed everything themselves, from the mathematical basics to the electronics, the programming and the display.

A completely different topic attracted visitors to the G-Building. Here, Professor Christian Pfitzner and an artist invited visitors to an exciting light painting show - drawing creatively with robots and lasers.