I am pleased to welcome you to the pages of the faculty of computer science.

Everyone speaks of the “power of algorithms” and “data as the new oil of the 21st century”. Indeed, computer science affects and permeates our work and private lives more and more.

We want to give our more than 1,000 students the competencies to shape this transformation. Therefore, in our bachelor and master programs, we teach them the necessary theoretical foundation, but above all practical skills. Our courses are continuously updated to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement in the field of computer science.  We ensure the quality through evaluations and accreditations.

However, the greatest evidence for our success are the outstanding prospects of our graduates on the job market.

In addition to practice-oriented teaching, we are also involved in in-service training and applied research. We promote the exchange between research and teaching, and open up a career path for talented students in the doctorate.

We are internationally oriented and connected, but have also roots in our region and maintain cooperations with local companies and institutions. Furthermore, we are also participating in the transfer between university and civil society.

Whether you are interested in studying, a teaching position, a partnership in a dual study program, a research cooperation or just out of curiosity: If you miss important information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Your Thomas Grauschopf
(Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science)






We ask for your understanding that our service point will remain closed until further notice due to the avoidance of the spread of the corona virus. You may reach us via mail or telephone during our office hours.

Email: dekanat-i@thi.de
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