In each academic year, Ingolstadt University of Technology supports 30-40 students with a scholarship for Germany. This means that high-performing students at the university are supported with 300 euros for at least one year. Half of the scholarship (150 euros) is paid by the private scholarship provider, the other half by the federal government.

Advantages of the Germany Scholarship for sponsors

  •     Early contact to high-performing students of the Ingolstadt University of Technology
  •     Targeted support for individual courses of study or disciplines
  •     Contribution to the development of a scholarship culture in the Ingolstadt region
  •     Networking with the Ingolstadt University of Technology
  •     Subsidy generally tax deductible

What is to be done?

You decide on the number, the duration and, if applicable, the field of study of your scholarship. Ingolstadt University of Technology will take care of the rest.

Are you interested?

Please contact the Ingolstadt University of Technology (THI). Your contact person is Ms Marianne Beringer-Wind (phone: 0841 9348-1000, e-mail:

Grant approval form (PDF)

Contact for promoters

The President's office
Marianne Beringer-Wind
Phone: +49 841 9348-1000
Room: D028