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Competition and entertainment: this is what Dr. Torsten Schön's project focuses on (Photo: THI).

Gambling - and learning programming at the same time?

How entertainment and competition can increase the learning effect - Klaus Tschira Foundation supports a project by Professor Torsten Schön at… more
THI President Professor Walter Schober and State Minister Markus Blume signed the contract (Photo: StMWK/Wolfgang M. Weber).

Individual university contracts for the period until the end of 2027

Conceivably the biggest pact with the universities: Science Minister Markus Blume and the heads of Bavaria's 33 state universities, universities of… more
Researchers from THI and KU once again report on their fields of work at the joint children's university - and are available to answer questions from the schoolchildren (Photo: Schulte Strathaus/upd).

Children's university goes into the next round

How robots help in hospitals and how toys are made: Registration begins for the Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Children's University. more

Above the roofs of Ingolstadt

Minister of State Markus Blume and THI President Professor Walter Schober commissioned the first tranche of solar panels on the roof of THI's… more
Latest research in automotive user interfaces (Photo: Riener).

AUTOMOTIVEUI '23 takes place at the THI

From September 18 to 21, international researchers will meet at the Ingolstadt University of Technology to exchange information on the latest… more
Events are held at the THI as part of the Bavarian Library Day (Photo: THI).

Bavarian Library Day in Ingolstadt for the first time

On September 12th and 13th, the Library of the Technical University of Ingolstadt, the Ingolstadt Public Library, and the Library of the Catholic… more
Impulse generator and author Franziska Hegner with the book "Stufen des automatisierten Fahrens" (Photo: THI).

Automated driving with the Hansen family

The transfer project "Man in Motion" of the THI and the KU has published the children's book "The Steps of Automated Driving" in cooperation with… more
THI professor Andrea Klug at Wolf GmbH (Photo: THI).

First cooperation in the dual master's degree program in patent engineering

Starting in the winter semester of 2023/2024, the THI will offer a master's degree program in patent engineering, the only one of its kind in Germany,… more
Sustainability in management, construction and infrastructure in four bachelor's degree programs - the Neuburg campus of the THI.

Insights into the Campus: Open Day in Neuburg

On Wednesday, August 30th, an information afternoon will be held to provide an overview of study programs and student life at the Sustainability… more
THI professors offered fascinating insights into different subject areas (Photo: THI).

Campus Rally at the THI

Students from the Hallertau-Gymnasium Wolnzach and the Gymnasium Beilngries went on a discovery tour at the Ingolstadt Technical University. At… more


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